Flowers flowers flowers.

Whether they’re sugar, artificial or fresh, flowers bring that extra pop of colour to a cake. Flowers seem to be on almost every cake lately and I’m loving the fresh blooms that give that special touch.

We all see amazing cakes on Instagram and Pinterest and tend to plan our whole event off one perfect photo which has gone viral. We start to get really excited about our events and it tends to become all we think about. We show all of our friends our ideas and start creating our own inspiration boards. But then, the time comes when we have to put our plan into action and we find out the amazing things we want are incredibly difficult to find.

Why does this happen? Why? We find our dream dress and the lace isn’t in stock. We find our dream shoe and our size is unavailable. We even find the most amazing venue but it’s booked our for the next 3 years. Then we find the perfect bouquet that will match our cake and we discover that the flowers aren’t in season!

To stop you from getting disappointed, I have put together some images of flowers which are in season throughout different times of the year. Sometimes we forget (yes, I do it too) that flowers are seasonal and certain types just aren’t available all year round.

So, if you have a special occasion coming up and you want to showcase gorgeous flowers on your cake, check out the lists below.

summer flowers

Spring flowers

autumn flowers

winter flowers

perennial flowers