Messy cakes.

Chocolate drip, flowers, chocolate sails, popcorn, meringue kisses and fruit are all part of the biggest trend at the moment, messy cakes.

These cakes are taking social media by storm and everyone wants a messy indulgent cake for their next event! I’m loving these cakes because they’re so much fun to decorate and you can pack a punch of flavour into them. They’re also a great option because if your guests aren’t lovers of cake, they can always snack on the yummy treats on top!

What a lot of people don’t realise however is that because there are so many toppings, the budget also increases. Whenever people see my cakes they always ask “How much would that cost?” or “How long did that take you?”. Well, let me tell you.

Below is a list of all the toppings (and their prices) that were on my Nutella cake, pictured up above.

Here we go…

Nutella jar – $5.50

Kinder surprise – $2.20

Bueno – $2.20

Cup of caramel salted popcorn – $6.00

Gum balls – $2.50

Wafer biscuits – $3.50

Musk sticks – $2.50

White chocolate, raspberry and balsamic chocolate block – $5.00

Candy pole swizzle stick – $5.95

Crunchie sprinkles – $4.40

So that’s a total of $39.75 just for the toppings! That’s not including the ingredients of the cake, the ingredients for the buttercream, time to make and apply the chocolate drip, the cake boards and the amount of hours that go into creating it. Not to mention gas, water and electrical bills and the fact that when the cake is baking in the oven, you can’t really do much else but sit around at home and wait.


3 hours to prepare the batter and bake the cakes – there’s 6 layers in this one (just a sponge cake – mud cake can take up to three hours to bake just one layer!)

Half an hour to make the buttercream

2 hours to put the cake together – this involves levelling, stacking, filling and icing.

Then you need to put it in the fridge, do another layer of icing, fridge again and you can finally decorate. That can take up to another hour so.

That’s more than 6 hours!

So there you have it. A little look into what it takes to make one of these cakes. A lot of time, money and effort, but oh so worth it!

Hope I’ve given you a little glimpse into the world of caking!

Leticia x